Chronology Proofs To 2028

By Bill Weather -

1BC Eclipse - 3BC Constellations - Josephus' Records - Sabbatical Year Count - Luke 3, 15th yr Tiberius - Early Church Testimony - Supernatural Signs >  all in sync in solid concrete evidences below.

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    Jesus words in Matthew and Mark tell us no one can know the day or hour of his coming, but never mentions we couldn't know the year or season. Much of the early church taught he would come at the 6000th year from creation with many quotes listed at With that issue covered, I can now proceed to show you the true chronology of Christ’s Y4K baptism. These evidences will point to Christ's baptism as the 4000th year from creation in AD 28.

Hebrew Time Discrepancy

    There is a list of conflicts and contradictions we need to cover, including how Jews used two reckonings of time that are foreign to us. Those two reckonings of time are the lunar sabbath counting and the inclusive reckoning of time.

    The lunar sabbath is very well documented in several quotes from Jewish Encyclopedias (see Because of the lunar sabbath, there  is no fixed 7 sabbath day on our calendar whereby the crucifixion needs to be proven to be on. There was no Wednesday, Thursday or Friday the crucifixion needed to be on because such days on a fixed weekly 7 day calendar did not even exist at the time. This also disproves the idea that there were seperate feast day sabbaths, from weekly sabbaths on different calendar counts.

    The next time discrepancy is how the Jews used the inclusive reckoning of time. When Christ said he would rise the 3rd day, he meant ON the 3rd day, not AFTER the 3rd day. Inclusive reckoning of time is all throughout the scriptures. Here are some samples…

Go tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils and I do cures today and tomorrow and the third day, I shall have accomplished my purpose (Luke 13:32).

    Notice his count is inclusive of today, then tomorrow comes, then the next day after, he calls it the 3rd day. Today, we would consider that 3rd day, only the 2nd day, but here Christ is inclusive in his count of “today.”

    Other examples of inclusive reckoning of time are in I Samuel 20:5 and 12 days of Acts 24:11, as well as the biblical chronology of the 14 generations from Abraham to King David. That includes counting Abraham as one, not after Abraham. The same applies with “Enoch, the 7th from Adam” in Jude 1:14. This was inclusive and counted Adam as 1. In our reckoning of time, we would say Enoch is the 6th from Adam. We would not count Adam, but scripture counted Adam as one.

    This inclusive reckoning of time is important because we are now going to establish the year Christ was baptized and bring the assessment of the year of when he is again, coming. Inclusive reckoning was also used by the Greeks and Romans as well.

    Luke 3:1-3 says “Now in the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, Pontius Pilate being governor of Judea…. The word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness… preaching baptism of repentance…”

    It is well established that Tiberius Caesar’s reign began in August or September of AD 14. Using the inclusive reckoning of time, which Luke uses throughout his gospel, would make the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar AD 28. That is when John began his ministry, then months later, Jesus came to him to be baptized (see below why a joint reign from AD 26 is not legit).

A much deeper research here.

   Our very detailed, but also very clear Bible chronology at, pins AD 28 as the 4000th year from creation, at Christ’s baptism. This is an unbroken year count from the Bible without using any man made calendars that was discovered in 1989 by Dr Earnest L Martin, with scripture backing every portion. 

    Because of Dr Martin’s other controversial teachings, Christendom threw out the baby with the bath water and this great and epic discovery went ignored. To have from the Bible only, a direct simple year count to Christ’s baptism at exactly in the 4000th year from creation, is quite the gargantuan discovery, because the early church taught Christ comes at the 6000th year from creation, so all one needs to do is add 2000 years to AD 28 to arrive at the 6000th year.

    Another piece of strong evidence are the supernatural signs backing Christ coming in 2028, found at, which has over 20 confirmations showing Christ is coming in 2028, at the 6000th year, some of which are quite phenomenally backed by God. There is no supernatural witness of any other year for his coming. ONLY 2028 has that going for it!

Messiah 2030 Rebutted

    The Messiah 2030 Youtube video, garnering over a million views in a very short time has bursted onto the prophecy scene like dynamite.

See the new Messiah 2028 Youtube Video Here

    However, it’s claimed source for an AD 30 crucifixion, the Talmud, tells of miraculous signs that took place from AD 30 to AD 70, that’s supposedly backing an AD 30 crucifixion, but very much contradicts Daniel 9 and the rest of the biblical chronology, among other historical rock solid evidences we will soon cover.

    Those four miracles of AD 30-70 mentioned in the Talmud and sited by Messiah 2030, may be true, but was it just God giving the Jews a 40 year warning? Why must it be attached to the time of Christ’s crucifixion? The Messiah 2030 presumptuous claims of a AD 30 crucifixion made, are not as solid as the video portrays.

    The first of those miracles mentioned, was how the cloth that used to miraculously turn from red to white, for approval of atonement, had not turned white for 40 years. Well the truth is, it remained red long before AD 30. That’s not at all a legitimate sign. However, the other 3 miracles taking place though, can be claimed, but why the need to attach those to Christ’s crucifixion time?

    One of those miracles was the always lit light on the menorah in the temple. The Talmud reports the flame going out every night since AD 30, regardless of how prepared the priesthood were with extra oil to keep it lit. For 40 years, every night, it had to be re-lit, but that doesn’t point to any kind of atonement ceased in 30AD. That’s just a sign of judgement coming. Might the reason for those signs to have begun, was upon their previous rejection of Christ,  and God wanted simply, to insert a 40 year warning to AD 70?

    Another sign claimed was that the gates of the temple would always come open at night, after being shut. They say this happened every night for 40 years. Well that also, is no sign of an atonement or a crucifixion in AD 30. That would just be God giving a 40 year warning that judgment (in AD 70) is coming.

    The last miracle claimed is that for 40 years strait, on Yom Kippur, the lot of the Lord would always wind up in the left hand and not in the right hand, signifying judgment. If this all started at Yom Kippur, IN THE FALL of AD 30, why is it that this needs to be pinned to the SPRING TIME as proof of an AD 30 crucifixion?

    The point here being, that these signs on Yom Kippur, were not the Passover and the crucified lamb it represents. Passover represents payment for sin. Yom Kippur represents judgment. Christ’s crucifixion is not Yom Kippur. How the Messiah 2030 video can take a sign for Yom Kippur and apply it to the Passover crucifixion, when they are two different holy days, in two different times of the year, symbolizing two different biblical events 2000 years apart, doesn’t make sense. Christ fulfilled Passover, but has not yet ultimately, fulfilled Yom Kippur, so a Messiah 2030 video attaching the spring time Passover crucifixion, to a fall time Yom Kippur sign of judgment, is now obviously, a big disconnect.

    Claiming those temple miracles are proof of an AD 30 crucifixion, does not mesh with the rest of the evidence. Several contradictions to a AD 30 crucifixion are not covered by the author.

    One of those is knowing the exact birth year of Christ and from this, we can know when he was baptized at age 30, as Luke 3:23 reports.

The 3 BC Birth of Christ

    Knowing the time of Christ’s birth, can re-affirm our chronological evidence.

    The controversy about Christ’s birth, is the year of the death of King Herod. Claims have been made that he died in 4 BC, which would make the year of Christ’s birth 5 or 6 BC. The controversy is in the conflicting writings of Josephus. In an early writing of his, he claims King Herod’s reign was for 37 years, which would make Herod’s death in 3 BC, but because there was not an eclipse that year to fit into the rest of Josephus’ description, they stretched it to fit into the year 4 BC, when there was a lunar eclipse (barely noticable).

  *Dr Ernest L Martin shows how Josephus’ description of Herod's reign started in 40BC with just the Romans proclaiming him king, but also Herod reigning for 34 years, from the capture of Jerusalem event in 36BC. These 2 time frames appear conflicting with each other and in conflict with other data from the chronology of sabbatical years. Josephus records Herod capturing Jerusalem in a sabbatical year. Dr Martin shows the 34 year reign of Herod to be correct with the sabbatical year data and started in 35BC with accession year reckoning used for Kings, which was Nisan to Nisan, bringing Herod’s death to 1BC and from there, Christ’s birth in 3BC. And there was a total lunar eclipse in January of 1BC, further backing Josephus' description of Herod’s death soon after. The eclipse in the image below, from NASA records show the 4BC eclipse barely noticable.

    Dr. Martin thinks the birth of Jesus was September 11, 3 BC, when the Sun was centered over the womb of Virgo and was the first day when the moon moved to under the feet of Virgo, fulfilling the picture of Rev 12:1-5, which also just happened to be Rosh Hashana, the Feast of Trumpets and the Jewish New Year.

Constellation positions are accurate within minutes

    So Christ being born in the year 3/2 BC, pins his baptism to AD 28 at the age of 30. With these evidences and research, Messiah 2030’s chronology is amiss.

Signs in the Constellations

    In 6 to 4 BC, there were no significant signs in the Constellations that would stir the Magi from the east, to follow a Bethlehem star. However, the signs in the Heavens from 3 to 2 BC, the year Christ was born, show how the Magi would be in quite a stir, to take the long journey west, to follow that star to Bethlehem.

    Astronomer, Dr Earnest L Martin’s book, The Star That Astonished the World, records the astronomical events in great detail.

    The first sign given was on August 12, 3 BC. Jupiter known as the Father or king star and Venus, known as the Mother or queen star, conjunctioned to give quite a bright morning star in the western sky. To the Magi Astrologers in the east, this was the birthing of something special. Then starting later that same month, began another magical celestial event. In the constellation Virgo (Virgin) , the woman was clothed with the Sun and the moon began to move to under her feet, the very picture of what is now Revelation 12, showing the birth of Christ spoken of in verse 5. At that time, the king or Father star Jupiter, conjunctioned with the star Regulus, who was considered the royal star of the constellation Leo, as in the Lion of Judah, the tribe Christ is from.  The Magi then knew, the message. A king was being born. They continued to watch as oddly, the conjunction between Jupiter and Regulus occurred 3 more times. Then in June of 2 BC, Jupiter and Venus converged again. Was this the star of Bethlehem? The Magi at some point here, may have then been stirred up to follow this western star.

   These 3 conjunctions with Regulus would have shown Jupiter making a type of "crowning effect" over the star Regulus. It was as if the king planet Jupiter was placing a crown over the royal star Regulus, all in the constellation of Leo, the zodiacal sign of Judah.

EL Martin's The Star 
That Astonished The World

  After these 3 conjunctions, Jupiter then continued it's journey west and had again, a rare union with Venus and this we believe was that star of Bethlehem they followed to find Christ, as now, a small child.

    In late Dec. of 2 BC, Jupiter stopped for 6 days over Bethlehem. This is a normal motion for Jupiter. It stops twice, and reverses its seeming movement. This may have been the very time the Magi came with their gifts. This was also the time of the Hanukkah festival, during which it was customary for Jewish Fathers to give gifts to their children.

      What is rarely understood is that these Magi from the east inherited a training from Daniel the prophet, from his time in Babylon. Daniel was put as head over all the astrologers (Dan 5:11). They most likely had the book of Daniel and were adding up the years in Daniel 9 "unto Messiah the Prince" prophecy and had expectations that Messiah would soon be born. From this, their reading of the astronomical wonders taking place were confirmation in certainty, Messiah, king of the Jews, was being born.

   Here is something of noteworthy significance. More than 600 planetariums here and in Europe have revised their Christmas star show, to match this work of Dr. Martin. That must have been some pretty authoritative and convincing work, for 600 planetariums, to revise their work, lending quite the evidence and authority, as to the year of 3/2 BC, being the birth of Christ. From this, in Luke 3:23, which says Christ was 30 years old at his the baptism, we arrive at the year 28AD.

    When we then read in Daniel 9:25, unto Messiah the Prince, then in verse 27, in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice... to cease, we see a 3.5 yr ministry from his baptism to his being cut off  in the middle of the 70th week of years, at Passover AD 32.

    Of course, none of this matches anything Messiah 2030 has for the claim Christ was baptized AD 26 and crucified in AD 30.

  Since as we have proven, Christ was baptized in AD 28, this lends even greater chronological synchronicity to his return at the 6000th year for 2028.

These amazing celestial events are told in much greater detail here.

Early Church Mostly Unanimous

    Now lets come back down to earth for some more evidence. The overwhelming majority of early Christian writers and leaders are recorded as saying Christ’s birth was in 3/2 BC. This included such well known leaders as Irenaeus of Lyon, St Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian of Carthage, Julius Africanus, Hippolytus, Origen of Alexandria, Eusebius of Caesarea and Epiphanius of Salamis. These church “fathers” bare witness, Christ was born in 3/2 BC. 

  By this strong evidence, Christ would be turning 30 years old in September of AD 28, when we believe he was baptized and began his ministry and as thoroughly shown at, is in the 4000th year from creation. Simply add 2000 years and we arrive at 2028 as the 6000th year. See how the year of Christ’s birth is a part of solidifying the evidence for more than just a date from the past? 


    These ideas are new to many of you and it may take some time to get used to adjusting your views on this, but trust me. I’ve been down deep into that rabbit hole on this and have heard the voice of many different views trying to defend their position and lack of accessibility to the proper reckonings of time.

  Thanx for tuning in and please visit for some great revelations from the scriptures and from God backing this view, that World War 3 comes soon, but then the great joy of the resurrection at the 6000the year. God bless your research.

Bill Weather,

Further notes:

    Matthew 28:1 sabbath is claimed to be plural. The same word is used 6 other times as singular. This does not prove a separate “feast day sabbath.” In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn towards the 1st day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulcher.” The word dawn used here is rebutalling those who claim a AD 31 Saturday eve resurrection. Dawn implies strongly, a Sunday morning time. It’s telling us the day time of the first day of the week, is about to show its self, not a Saturday evening.

    “Prophetic years” is a term used for a 360 day calendar, with adding days to make up for the solar year. This is a miscalculation, since God’s calendar resets every year by the Abib barley harvest season, and by default keeps up with the solar calendar, so there is no need for using complex 360 day calculations. The barely had to be ripe enough to offer up the first offerings. That couldn’t happen without the Spring time warmth reset every year, to ripen the barley offering, proving God’s calendar needs not any additional math geniuses to add to it. It kept in alignment with the solar. The Essenes and those trustung in the book of jubilees are deceived.

    John 2:20 “Forty six years was this temple in building” - From conflicting reports from Josephus, in The Jewish War (1.21.1), temple construction beginning in 23/22 BC and in his later work Antiquities of the Jews, (15.11.1) upon 20/19 BC. This could be taken to mean it was in its 46th year or 46 years had passed since, some what ambiguous, but the later date is in sync with the rest of this evidence.

    Some teachers want to argue the 3.5 year ministry of Christ referenced from Daniel 9, claiming the 70th week is in the future. This is from the faulty Futurist’s view of prophecy, which is well covered at Their 7 year end time tribulation scenario is already proven false by the unbroken biblical year count, since we only have 5 years left till the 6000th year and their interpretation to Daniel 9 is quite a stretch. They say it’s not fulfilled, so the prophecy has failed? Because when God said 490 years, he meant it. There is no skip code mentioned in the prophecy. Some have argued a 3.5 year long ministry of Jesus from the 3, possibly 4 Passovers mentioned in John. Daniel 9 has a stronger chronology prophecy evidence, but also agrees with the John 3.5 year view of most Bible scholars.

    While agreeing with on the coming of Christ in 2028, the pinning of AD 28 as Christ’s crucifixion with a short 70 week ministry of Christ is off from the unbroken chronology and Daniel ch 9 chronology. 

    *Arguing for a joint reign of Tiberius with Augustus since AD 12, has it’s flaws. He was not officially Caesar until 14AD and validated by the Senate. Tiberius, though given much power, the evidence leans for Luke to record the 15th year of Tiberius as AD 14 when it was official, not AD 12. However, it could have been started in AD 13. That was the time Tiberius officially was given equal jurisdiction and power. That also would be in sync with a 27/28AD 15th year of Tiberius, and a AD 28 September baptism. There is some slight ambiguity to the 15 year of Tiberius. Did Luke count this as the Roman civil year start or from Hebrew reckoning start of the year?* Either works  with an AD 28 baptism.

    Tertullian is quoted as AD 26 beginning John’s ministry. This is not a reliable source, as Tertullian was born around AD 150, long after the fact.

    There is another evidence against the AD 30 and AD 31 crucifixion. Sejanus was put in command by Tiberius, who semi retired to an Island. Sejanus, who appointed Pontius Pilate were good friends and very anti-Semitic. When Tiberius found out Sejanus was covertly killing his heirs in a slow coup, he had Sejanus killed later in the year AD 31 and all who were in allegiance to him. This put Pilate on the defense and then had to be careful how to deal with the Jews. He did not want any previous reports of abuse now getting back to Tiberius or else Tiberius would suspect Pilate of Sejanus allegiance. In the entire story of Christ’s day of trial, you could see Pilate catering to the Jews and sensitive to their criminal behavior. Previously, before Sejanus was killed, he would have had much more arrogance towards the Jews, but was now very accommodating, even sending Jesus to Herod’s jurisdiction to show him some friendship and respect, only to be sent back to Pilate to give the Jews what they wanted, a crucifixion for what he thought was an innocent man, while letting go the murderer Barabbas. This is evidence that Christ was crucified in the following Spring of 32AD, after Sejanus’s death later in AD 31, which made Pilate quite accommodating to the Jews, where as previously, they would have been treated much differently, since he and Sejanus were very anti-Semitic buddies. He did not want Tiberius suspecting him of an allegiance to Sejanus or he would be killed. It may have been a much different story if Christ was crucified in AD 30 or 31 before Sejanus’ death.

    Earnest L Martin and is an excellent source for a detailed account of history, but his reliance on the 30-70 AD temple miracles had him believing a AD 30 crucifixion. He lacked the knowledge of how Daniel 9 is quite clear on Christ’s 3.5 year long ministry and was fulfilled. While he correctly believed in an AD 28 baptism, an AD 30 crucifixion would only yield no more than a two year long earthly ministry of Christ, contradicting, the Daniel 9, 3.5 year timeline.


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